Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy Inter-dependence Day

Last year I declared July 5th Inter-Dependence Day and I am plan to celebrate like crazy today.  Because inter-dependence has been very good to me this year.  Just the other day, I was in the A&P and the woman on line in front of me didn't have her bonus card with her.  I offered her mine and she was very grateful because she saved a bunch of dough.  I told her not to worry about it because Inter-Dependence Day was coming up and that she should celebrate it too.

Then it was my turn and, naturally, I used my card.  When my receipt came up, lo and behold, I had enough points to earn a 5% discount.  The woman working the check out stopped for a minute and really looked at my receipt.  Then she said, "That's pretty cool.  If you hadn't given that woman your card, you wouldn't have earned enough points and today's the last day for it." Then she told me to have a Happy Inter-Dependence Day. 

Ta Da!!!  The beautiful balance of inter-dependence.

So, what are you going to do to celebrate today.  I have a list of a few ideas for you but I'm sure you will all run with it!  Check in on the comments if you want to share how it worked out for you.

1.  Wave to that mentally disabled man who always stands on the corner.  I bet you he'll wave back and you'll both feel really good.
2.  Pick up some litter.  We are inter-dependent with nature too.
3.  Go to the dollar store and buy some cheapo umbrellas.  Leave them in the car and the next time you see someone stuck at the bus stop in the rain without one, pull over and give them one.
4.  Say hello to a stranger in the grocery store.
5.  Bake some cookies for the guys who make your coffee every morning.
6.  Make love to your partner.
7.  Give your dog a bone or your cat some tuna.
8.  Ask a little kid if they know any knock knock jokes.
9.  Learn how to say "how are you" in another language.

You get the drift.

Is it risky?  Sure it is.  People might look at you like you're a wack job.  But so what? There are a lot of wack jobs out there doing a really effective job at making our world a worse place.  Maybe it will take a few wack jobs to make it a better place.