Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mrs. Mallie's Birthday Party

I went to a wonderful 80th Birthday party on Sunday night. The guest of honor was just a delight as were all of her friends.

And I actually think she was surprised!

Here she is arriving.

And since this is a knitting blog, I just cast on Brooklyn Tweed's mittens from the new Vogue Knitting (scroll down on the page). I'm doing them in cream. Am halfway through the first cuff and they are just lovely.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Now I Know How Tai Babilonia and Randy Gartner Felt

I've had to give up on the Ravelympics. I was really really really behind on my heart socksbut I thought I could finish them by the closing ceremonies. I was knitting anywhere and everywhere (including in the Lesbian bar that I accidentally wandered into last night (they were very nice to me but I felt like a had a big flashing "straight girl" sign on my forehead) where the girls were intrigued by the whole idea of Olympic knitting).

But alas, it turns out that I really didn't like the way they were turning out. I was using Gems Opals on size 1 needles. The fabric was way way way too dense and I couldn't even get them over my foot.

Some tribute photos before I frog them.

Cast on at the orthopedists office during the opening ceremonies. Did I mention that I did a number on my knee?

Gerri holding the sock at Northwest Harbor Beach during Book Club Sag Harbor weekend.

Alas, it shall become something new tomorrow. Maybe mittens for my sister.

And while we're talking about book club, this is a picture of Maria when she thought she was being swept out to sea and was going to spend the rest of her days roaming Davy Jones' locker.

That little dot in the water to the right of the yellow kayak is Maria.

Now this is Maria when she realized that she was only in water up to her knees.

She was quite surprised. Not to worry though, I had an eye on her the whole time and there was a couple with a boat just out of frame on the picture so she would have been safe and sound.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

I Think I'm Back to Normal

Okay I'm over the "bad man" moment and he and I are actually acting like adults and "workingonourrealtionship"--say that 10 times fast! Actually, it's really good and I'm happy right now.

Lots of fun knitting. I cast on some pretty socks for ralympics. They're pink and pretty and I have the approval of earthtonesgirl on them. I have made a deal with myself--if I finish the socks I can only work on WIPs until the olympics are over. I have plenty of things to finish so I doubt I will be bored.

Although I was very upset to hear today that the men's volleyball's coach's father-in-law was killed by a lunatic today in Bejing. My thoughts and prayers are with their family and friends.

I also shed a tear today for Bernie Mac. He was a funny, funny man and I loved his view on the world. I will miss him but I have a funny feeling that George Carlin had something to do with this and is dragging some really funny guys to the afterlife to hang out with him.