Thursday, March 27, 2008

Actually talking about knitting today! What a surprise.

I have finally been uploading photos and have some wonderful things to show you.

First: Kathleen's birthday scarf from the Knitty breast cancer issue. I love it. It is Blue Sky Alpaca and so soft (probably has a little cat hair knitted in but--so be it).

Cornelia's birthday scarf. Berrocco (sp?) alpaca. It is so soft and just fuzzy enough. And, can I tell you, the price is right! Picked it up at Flying Fingers and breezed right through it.

I like this pattern a lot. It's ridiculously easy to remember and a lot of fun to make. The scarf is redder than it looks in this photo but I am still getting the hang of digital photography. The pattern is the Falling Waters Lace Scarf that I switched to four repeats instead of three.

Then there is this.

This is the yarn that I got from Denise. She didn't care for it. I am in love with it. It's going to be socks very soon (as soon as I finish my Monkeys which are (really--I swear) almost done.

More finished objects and in progress pieces coming tomorrow. For now, I am making a wonderful dinner for Boy. We had a rough weekend. I fully admit that I acted like a lunatic. I am usually very normal but for whatever reason, I was very vulnerable on Saturday night. I blame the full moon.

Anyway, all is well now. I am making a beautiful prime rib with au gratin potatoes. It smells amazing. It's drizzly and damp here right now--the perfect night for a cozy, warm dinner for two.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Has it really been over a month?

Lot's and lot's of knitting going on. It's the beauty of being out of work!

My monkey socks are almost done and I love them. Bratty Girl's Ogee Lace Skirt is done and it is really beautiful. Her cousin's skirt is cast on. Rockin Sock Club March package has arrived and I got great new sock yarn from this wonderful woman.

But today let's talk about food. Fabulous food!

Last night I went to the Westchester Italian Cultural Center They had a culinary evening in their kitchen space. Four tables of eight people each facing a full amazing kitchen. And the chef was the wonderful wonderful Dave Dibari of Zuppa in Yonkers.
I have been a Zuppa fan since they opened. The family who owns it (and the new Mima in Irvington) are delightful people and their food is beyond fabulous. Dinner last night was amazing. We had four courses--each one better than the last--paired with two wines.
My friend Cathy and I sat at a table with a group of strangers (two of whom thought they were cooler than we were but they found out they weren't--poor women). And even though I am as Irish as you can get without being born in Ireland I fit right in with all the wonderful Italians.

They are showing the movie "Life Is Beautiful" on Friday night with a speaker afterwards which I think I'm going to go to. It should be fun.