Thursday, March 27, 2008

Actually talking about knitting today! What a surprise.

I have finally been uploading photos and have some wonderful things to show you.

First: Kathleen's birthday scarf from the Knitty breast cancer issue. I love it. It is Blue Sky Alpaca and so soft (probably has a little cat hair knitted in but--so be it).

Cornelia's birthday scarf. Berrocco (sp?) alpaca. It is so soft and just fuzzy enough. And, can I tell you, the price is right! Picked it up at Flying Fingers and breezed right through it.

I like this pattern a lot. It's ridiculously easy to remember and a lot of fun to make. The scarf is redder than it looks in this photo but I am still getting the hang of digital photography. The pattern is the Falling Waters Lace Scarf that I switched to four repeats instead of three.

Then there is this.

This is the yarn that I got from Denise. She didn't care for it. I am in love with it. It's going to be socks very soon (as soon as I finish my Monkeys which are (really--I swear) almost done.

More finished objects and in progress pieces coming tomorrow. For now, I am making a wonderful dinner for Boy. We had a rough weekend. I fully admit that I acted like a lunatic. I am usually very normal but for whatever reason, I was very vulnerable on Saturday night. I blame the full moon.

Anyway, all is well now. I am making a beautiful prime rib with au gratin potatoes. It smells amazing. It's drizzly and damp here right now--the perfect night for a cozy, warm dinner for two.

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