Friday, April 4, 2008

The Crazy Cat Lady Dinner

Tonight is my favorite night of the year. A friend of a friend runs a cat assistance program here in Westchester County and they have a fundraising dinner every spring. Picture this--about 300 crazy cat ladies in a room together with wine, music and raffle prizes. It's a hoot and a half.

So in the spirit of the Crazy Cat Lady day:

Here's Buddie.

Isn't he a handsome boy? He's one of my sister's four cats.

Here's Tiny Cat and Heather.

Two of my three beauties. They are all about snuggling up together lately. They're both rescue cats and, honest to God, there is nothing that loves you more than a little animal that you took home.

Now onto things in my house that probably have some cat hair knit into them.

I finally finished my Monkeys but they are in the laundry so we must wait for a photo. And I finished Bratty Girl's Ogee Lace Skirt a few weeks ago. Here's a quick photo. It's unblocked but I let her take it on vacation anyway. I'll block it this week. I've got a blue one on the needles for her cousin in Ireland.

She tried it on over her sweats just to make sure it looked great on her (which of course it does because she is 14 and has a fabulous figure). She'll make it the newest style craze of The Rivertowns.

And on a sad note, a friend of mine was moved from the hospital to a wonderful hospice today. His life is coming to an end and, although I am comfortable with death being a part of life, I am sad about it. I will be filling his wife with wine tomorrow and celebrating a life well lived. If you read this, it would be lovely if you could take a moment and shine a little white light for a peaceful passage for him.

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