Monday, October 24, 2011

Back In The Saddle Again

Has it really been a week?  Not quite a week but close enough.

Tonight's post is just some random thoughts. 

1.  Remember when I lost the camera?  Well now I lost the cable.  I have lots of knitting to show you (and even some crochet--oye) but I can't do it until I find the cable.  Pray for me.

2.  I work in a commercial food manufacturing factory and no it is nothing like Laverne and Shirley or An Officer and a Gentleman.  But I do get to spend my days with people who are really trying to fix the things they fucked up in their lives and they inspire me more than I could ever tell you.  Everyone who works on the floor has to wear a hairnet which is really a white beret so all you see are their faces.  Today I noticed just how beautiful the faces are.  All of them.  When you can't see someone's hair you really get to experience their face and it is quite a stunning experience if you pay attention to it and enjoy it.

3.  Saturday turned out to be an oddly nice day.  It started with a funeral.  The mother of a childhood friend of mine died and off I went to the church that we all grew up in for the funeral.  I haven't seen my friend in many years--probably since her father died.  It would be very trite of me to say that I have fond memories of their house when in reality I have lifelong habits and sensual experiences that have never left me.  If you come to my house for a party and you have a cold, I will put a band aid on your cup.  I eat wheat toast and peanut butter almost every day (except for lately because the toaster died and we need to get a new one).  I know all the words to the song Cecilia.  My friend had in on a 45 (if you're too young to know what that means google it) and she had one of those record players in a box and we used to play it over and over and sing it really really loud.  I got into the car to head to the service and I turned on the radio and guess what was just starting?  Cecilia.  I felt like Mrs. Charles was checking in to see who was going to show up at church and I think she was happy I was there.  Every time I hear that song, I can actually smell their house.  It's amazing.

Take a moment and sing along.

After the funeral, I buzzed up to Dobbs Ferry to teach a really, really nice woman how to do more than just knit and purl.  We've started with knit 2 together and yarn overs.  I was so happy for her because she got it right away.  There is a math and a science to knitting and she became both a mathematician and a scientist.  We are going to make her a sampler scarf--okay, she's mostly going to make it--learning different knitting nuances.  Fun for both of us. 

Then my BFF turned up in town.  With her dog who I haven't seen in years and guess what?  He remembered me!!! It was awesome.  And it was my BFF's first time meeting HandyMan and she loved him. 

All in one day.

I just asked HandyMan if I could actually call him by name here on the blog.  You may have noticed that I don't name names without permission.  He said "Sure". 

Meet Brian.  I think he's pretty terrific.  Especially since he just spent about 20 minutes scratching my back.

4.  Comfort food for dinner tonight.  Browned some chopped meat with salt, pepper and garlic powder.  Added my home made marinara with some oregano, red wine and more pepper.  Tossed with little tiny bow ties then added a lot of fresh ricotta, more pepper and parmesan.  Ladled it into little baking bowls, topped with mozzarella and then, spit spot under the broiler.  Delicious.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I tend to find comfort quite easily. 

It's raining tonight--big time comfort zone for me.

HandyMan is sleeping on the couch next to me and Smokeythecat is sleeping on his belly--how cozy can you get?

I had some scallops and cream and wine and made Bubbly Bake with rice for dinner--one of my favorite comfort foods.

It should have been perfect.  But it wasn't. 

The scallops sucked.  I cooked the rice with some vegetable bouillon cubs that should have just been labeled bad salt cubes.  Have you ever had one of those tiny pillow pack salt and peppers that they give you on airplanes.  This was worse. I was going to try to reclaim it with some soy sauce but for the second time since Sunday the soy sauce is no where to be found.

I have a cold.  I have to put the laundry away.  I'm hungry and now I really don't feel like cooking again.

And then I found it.

Law & Order UK.  How on earth did I not know that this existed.  Law & Order (any version) is my ultimate comfort.  It has served me well through sickenss, unemployment and just plain old boring days.

Law  & Order UK.  Cool Brittania baby.