Thursday, August 4, 2011

I'm Hoping Today is the Day

I still haven't found the camera but I'm hopeful.  I have been able to get to the general area where I thought it was but still haven't been able to put my hot little hand on it. I have so many things to show you that  I was considering getting some paper and crayons and drawing pictures instead but I can't find those either.

So today will just be some random notes.

1.  Chez Chaos gets better every day.  The piles are diminishing slowly but surely and we can almost walk around.

2.  All of my kitchen cabinets now close and latch.  This (much like the bathroom doorknob) has never happened in the history of my apartment.  No more getting bonked in the head while I wash dishes.  Glory Hallelujah it's like a brand new place.

3.  We're finally able to cook.  Too bad I can't find the camera or your mouth would be watering right now.   The first of the tomatoes are ripening up in Pat's garden and they are absolutely perfect.

4.  The heating pad is still missing.  Damn.

5.  I had to get a new alternator (thank you Pop).  It was quite dramatic when it happened.  It actually crossed my mind that my car might have been being taken by aliens (and me with no knitting with me!) but it turned out to be pretty mundane.  However, you would be surprised at how much power your car can lose without you noticing.  It seems the death of alternator is a gradual process.  Now it's like driving an airplane.  Very exciting.

6.  I think my boss may have gone on vacation without telling me.

7.  I'm going to try to use the word "hubris" in a sentence today (and this sentence doesn't count).  I'm feeling the need for some righteous indignation.


Gracey is not my name.... said...

I just found my heating pad, under a pile of yarn....and thanks for the laughs...

Mary said...
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Mary said...

My wording was bad the first time around.....sorry for the delete, they need to put an edit button on the comments section! :)

Can I please get an update on the use of the word "hubris" in a sentence? I am sure you have a story to go with it and just the thought struck me as being too funny for words.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious as to what makes you think your boss went on vacation without telling you? That really did make me laugh.