Wednesday, August 17, 2011

F-You Mercury

According to every horoscope I've read, Mercury is retrograde.  Which has been shockingly apparent lately.

1.   The home computer crashed.  For some odd reason, I didn't freak out about it.  I have a loaner from work and I'm not going to take the broken one in until after this retrograde shit is over.

2..  I wore two different shoes to work yesterday.  One had a big flower, the other little sequins.  And one was higher than the other.  It took me hours to notice, even though I did catch on that I was feeling a little limpy.

3.  Sent my guy off to his union meeting in Manhattan.  Cancelled.

4.  Had a long email conversation with my IT guy in which we were each talking about something different even though our responses all sort of made sense.

5.  We did finally find the heating pad but now no longer need it.

I can't wait until August 27th.

P.S.  I generally read my horoscope when I have no idea what to do.  Hey, my life is in the toilet bowl and I don't know which end is up--I'm going to follow the one sentence advice of a total stranger at the NY Post.  Otherwise, I don't really keep up on it.