Sunday, August 26, 2007

It's an all baby weekend!

So yesterday I met the new little muffin upstairs. Then off to a party to meet an old friend's new baby girl. I've got to tell you, this was THE baby of all babies. She cooed, she giggled, she smiled, she snuggled. She was amazing. The folks who were kind enough to fill their home with a bunch of sweaty people also have a toddler who is just delicious. Red curly hair, peaches and cream cheeks--how wrong can you go?

Today it is out to Brooklyn with my cousins who are visiting from Ireland to visit my other cousins who also have a new baby. Haven't seen him yet so it should be fun. His mom and dad are both real lookers so I am expecting nothing less.

In the "Giant Step into the 21st Century" area of my life, I finally got a digital camera. Okay I didn't buy it myself--Granny bought it as a gift--but I promise I will use it and post pictures, blah, blah, blah.

Tiny cat has been particularly needy this morning. I spent a good part of the a.m. snuggled on the couch with her working on Pop's sweater. I've taken a running jump off a cliff with this one. I have no idea if it will fit him. I have no idea if I have enough yarn. I keep reminding myself that life can be about the journey and not about the destination but I have been obsessively measuring it to see how far I am getting with the first skein of yarn. And really, what's the worst thing that could happen. I run out of yarn? It doesn't fit Pop? Well--it'll fit someone!


Karen said...

Congratulations on the new blog! I found you by way of another blog where you commented and had to putter on over, since my name is also Karen and I am knittinf the MS#3 in CTH Possum Lace! Is that a wild coincidence or what? Also I took a trip last week with my oldest son to visit some colleges and we went right by Katonah. I am a newish blogger myself( - I started a while ago but just don' have much time for it. Good luck with your blog and your many projects.

Archiknist said...


Congrats on the new blog, and thanks for visiting mine! I've only every used CTH sock yarn, but I bet the lace is yummy.