Friday, March 5, 2010

Does Anyone Else Have A Cat Who Does This?

I think this is the feline equivalent of eating cereal out of the box. Heatherthecat seems to think it is the greatest treat in the world to rip open the cat food bag and stick her whole head right in!

So sorry the blog has been dark for so long. Life has been, well, life lately and we all know how that can get.

Personal Life = Complicated
Career = Complicated
Knitting = Thank god I knit or I would have taken a rock to my forehead ages ago!

I have some finished things to show you.

These are Kathleen's birthday socks.

The patter is Spring Forward from the Summer 2008 Knitty. The yarn is Knit Picks Stroll in Twinkle Heather. Nice yarn for this project and very reasonably priced (see the career = complicated note above). I started this pattern when it first came out in a very vivid red hand painted yarn and although I loved both the pattern and the yarn, they just didn't go together. Kind of like Whoopie Goldberg and Ted Danson--love them both but knew from the git go that relationship was doomed. This was a much better choice. I made Kathleen her first pair of hand knit socks for her birthday last year and anyone who shows them off as much as she does deserves a drawer full of them. Until she gets sick of only get socks as gifts.

And here are Pop's Christmas socks.

Okay so they didn't exactly make it under the Christmas tree but I got them to him before Valentine's Day and that's always a plus. (P.S. Granny's scarf still isn't done.) My basic sock pattern that I've had for a million years also in Knit Picks Stroll. This time the color was Pine. Now, frankly, Pop would wear a pair of pink socks but I just didn't have it in me to force them on him. He is very conservative in his clothing (in 44 years I've never seen him wear a t-shirt) but he does like to make a little fashion statement with his socks.

This week, I've dug into my UFO basket and am finishing things up. Sissy's Hey Teach may actually get finished in the next few weeks and my little leaf mittens are so close to done. Brought them to knitting group last night but I get so distracted by what other people are working on that I don't seem to get a lot of my own work done (but that's another blog post).

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