Sunday, January 1, 2012

Dear 2012

Hello 2012 and welcome.  It's very nice to meet you.

First of all, let me thank you for kicking the year off with a rainy night.  I'm not sure if 2011 gave you some notes before you started but I really love a rainy night.  2012, if this is how you're going to roll, we'll get along just fine.

Now, here are some things that you need to know before we get too involved.

1.  I know that I already have enough yarn but if you could find it in your heart to have some really special things  in the marketplace at Vogue Knitting, it would be nice.

2.  In the beginning of 2011, I had to tell someone that "this is totally fucked and your job is to unfuck it!"  I would rather not have to use that sentence, as charming as it is, again.

3.  You may not have noticed yet because you are just a day old, but there's enough misery in the world already.  It would be great if you could do your best not to contribute more.  I'll help.  We all will.

4.  Could you please remind me to carry my camera more often.  And to keep it charged.  Regarding number three, there is is far more beauty in the world than misery and I would appreciate you doing your best to make even more (see number 1--you're already doing a great job--there's nothing prettier to me than a rainy night).  If you can help me out with the camera thing, I promise I will share everything beautiful that you give me.

5.  I wouldn't mind being given the opportunity to foster some more kitties.  We really enjoyed the two that we had in the house this year.  Bring 'em on!

I'm sure that this has already been a really long day for you, my new friend 2012, so I won't burden you with any more requests.  Lets just agree to do this whole thing together; I think we'll make a really good team.  I'm looking forward to getting to know you.


P.S.  Dear 2011--Thank you so much. You were a pleasure.  If you happen to run into 2004, please let it know that I've forgiven it for sucking ass.  xo

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LuLu said...

Omg....this was hilarious but so true....i loved it