Saturday, June 9, 2012

Catch Up

I'm not going to whine about being ridiculously busy lately.  I swear!  I'm not.  I'll save that for another post. 

This morning I am determined to get caught up on a few things and one of those is cleaning out the camera.  Of course, there are a load of photos that were meant to go on blog posts that I haven't gotten to yet so let's just do a little photo album today, shall we?

This is why it's always a good idea to bring your knitting with you.  Yeah dammit, the alternator crapped out on me three times.  Three times!!!!!  It's been working for a few months now but I'm still cautious.

This is the kind of winter we had.  Forsythia blooming in the dead of winter.  Amazingly, they recovered and were positively gorgeous this spring. It was pretty amazing flower-wise on our block this spring and all the flowers lasted for a long time which was pretty cool.  The past few years they've had a pretty small window.  The roses in the neighborhood are blooming now and it looks like they plan to keep the trend going.

I have very spicy neighbors.  They brought this back for us from their travels.  Rockin!

It's fun to play with dry ice.  'Nuff said.

The first robin of spring.  Also, 'nuff said.

I'm in charge of lining up the St. Patrick's Day parade here in the Y.O.  so naturally, I wear the obligatory green carnation (with baby's breath, thankyouverymuch).  For some reason, it ends up in my purse every year and a few weeks later I find this.  I usually find it because I'm bleeding from getting stuck by the pin that I forgot was there.

Gift yarn!  Gorgeous!

Gift yarn!  Also, gorgeous!

I finally went and got an eye exam and some new contacts.  This totally cracked me up.  You see, I wear the same lens in both eyes.  So I only need to buy one box of lenses at a time.  Which is awesome.  They had to order them for me so the eye doctor gave me a set of lenses to use until mine arrived.  Please note that not only are they the same lens, they are still attached to each other.  And he still wrote R and L on the labels as if it made a difference.

I love it when I get flowers.  Just love it.  I positively swoon.  These came at the end of a really, really lousy day.  When my sweetie picked me up at work I was met with these along with a tupperware full of chardonnay.  He knows me so well.

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Diane said...

Glad to read the update!

(BTW, was some of that gift yarn Koigu?)