Friday, October 12, 2012

Dodge Ball

I have always hated the game dodge ball.  As a matter of fact, I used to do my best to get myself intentionally knocked out of play early on in the game so I wouldn't have to deal with it at all.  I can state with extreme confidence that I suck at any kind of sport (except volley ball which I am oddly and freakishly good at) but I can't think of another sport that I actively loathe as much as dodge ball. 

Actually, I think that more specifically, I am bad at any sport that involves catching a ball.  For whatever reason, I always shy away from it and end up getting slammed with the ball.  Taking into consideration the fact that the entire point of dodge ball is to slam your opponent with the ball, it was really a double whammy for me during those torturous years when I was forced to play.   Those fabulous Catholic school gym uniforms were long enough to be totally uncool yet short enough to leave a good long stretch of bare, naked, white thigh just begging to be slammed into with a red rubber ball.  And everyone knows there is nothing prettier than having that star pattern from the ball burned into your tender young flesh. 

Right now I have a motherless whore of a cold that I am calling the Great Dodge Ball Cold of 2012.  Because I didn't catch it.  It was thrown at me and slammed me a good one.   Much like that one kid in the class who was really good at dodge ball, I've been dancing around happily while those around me have been dropping like flies.  The hubris!  Yesterday I got dropped by a big red star patterned rubber ball of a germ and I am paying the price.

So I've made a few new rules that we will all have to live by (you all do live by my rules already don't you?).

1.  I don't care how much you love him.  You have to pay attention and remember not to kiss the man with the cold.  At least don't kiss him on the lips. 

2.  If you feel too crappy to get up and find that lace shawl you are knitting do not even consider pushing yourself to do it.  You will screw up and you may cry.  And let's be honest here.  You already look awful.  Crying is not going to help.  Opt for a plain sock.  You should always have one of those within arms reach anyway and if you fall asleep halfway through a row it won't matter.

3.  Do not--under any circumstances--let go of the black car key on the black clicker in a purse with a black lining that is filled with black yarn.   You might as well just lay down on the ground right where you are because you are not going to find that key any time soon.

4.  A hot toddy really will make you feel better.

5.  Two hot toddies will put you right to sleep.

6.  WARNING WARNING WARNING Three hot toddies will make you feel even worse. 

I'm going to lay on the couch until I feel better. Which right now feels like that may be never.  But at least I don't groan like someone else who is on the couch right now.  I have the courtesy to suffer in silence.

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Pat S said...

oh should i make chicken soup and leave it in front of your door/ p