Sunday, February 28, 2016

Crazy Making

This happened.

See the ones on the top.  Those are the buttons that I wanted for the owl eyes.  I went over the Central Avenue and picked them up before the big blizzard last month.  I had ten owls and the buttons all have seven buttons on the card so two cards should do it.  Right, ten owls, 14 buttons--I'm good to go.  Repeat after me--OWLS HAVE TWO EYES.  That's right two eyes.  Each.  Crap.  Six buttons short.  Back to Central Avenue (what fresh hell is this) to get more.   Perfect.  I had a red owl hat waiting in the wings that I had only bought two cards for too so I picked up another strip of those too.

First hat done and in the mail.  Second hat done and, what's this?  The white ones of the EXACT SAME BUTTONS only have six on a card.  Six.  Not seven.  So now I'm short two buttons.

Back to Central Avenue (fer Chrissake) and now I buy a bunch of buttons (see the photo).  See the white ones on top?  Suddenly, they have seven on the card.  SEVEN!!!

The ones on the bottom--totally wrong buttons.  Right size on one card but wrong button.  Wrong size and wrong button on the other card.


Next up, this.

It's a brown owl hat even though it looks purple in the photo.

I lost it.  Couldn't find the damn thing anywhere.  I could have lived with that for a while because I have two more owl hats to make but see that needle?  It's the only 16" size 6 that I have.  To add insult to injury, it wasn't alone.  This was with it.

Except, unlike in this picture, nine of the owls had eyes.  Only one owl left to sew the stupid eyes on (okay they're not really stupid) and it had gone missing.

I checked everywhere.  Called the bar that I knew I had it in (although they probably would have called me if I left knitting there).  Nowhere to be found. 

They were finally found the other day.  Sitting right on Couch 22 next to my front door.

Crazy making I tell you.  Crazy making!

And the only person to blame is me.

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