Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Nancy Drew and the Case of the Disappearing Blogger

I've been gone because I've been working! Working like crazy. On good stuff. With good people. Now I'm not saying it hasn't been hard work--there's some stuff that is just craaaaaazy--but it has all been good and interesting and intelligent and I am so happy.

So here's a brief update:
  • Knitting on the subway rocks. No one wants to sit next to the lady with the point sticks so I get some peace.
  • Listening to my podcasts on the subway while I knit is even better.
  • It's f*&)ing hot in NY right now. I hate the heat and I honestly don't think I could sweat more than I have in the past three days. I have my air conditioning up so high I'm surprised it doesn't thunder when I open my front door.
  • On the upside of that, I noticed yesterday that my living room air conditioner actually "goes to 11". I almost wet myself laughing. Have I mentioned how I feel about Spinal Tap?
  • The Hastings Farmers Market is open for the season. I am in veggie/chicken/fish/wine/bread/cheese/flowers/strawberry/duck heaven. It's amazing to me that as soon as they open their doors, my biological clock gets me out of bad at the crack of dawn on Saturday to be there early. There may be a Farmer's Market recipe in the future.
  • Granny's birthday was last week. I took her out for drinks, appetizers and dessert and we sat at the bar at Jake's and had a ball. I recommend it. It's a favorite spot of mine.
  • I'm considering letting my hair go gray. I've been dying it since I was 17 and I would love to know what it really looks like.
I promise I'll try to get back to posting regularly. With photos. I have lots of pretty knitting in the works right now. I also have two beautiful colorways coming from Three Irish Girls. I am very very excited about them.

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