Monday, May 18, 2009

Meet Tinycat

This is Tinycat. Isn't she cute.

She's my sweet little snuggler and she is sick sick sick right now. Yesterday morning she had some sort of "incident" that had me running to the emergency vet. They're new and I thought they were terrific. Dr. Gerard did a full work up on the little girl and, although it was clear that something happened, she seemed otherwise healthy. We now patiently await the lab test results.

And I say patiently with every drip of sarcasm that I can get into the word.

I am totally freaked out by this. She's always had a bad back and is somewhat limpy (she walks sort of like a fat raccoon). But this was something different. She was jumping and jerking on the floor and I thought we were losing her right then and there. She's been very very weak today but has been eating and drinking so I am hoping for the best. (I'll leave out the part where she peed on me--I think it was an accident.)

I sat and snuggled with her this morning while I worked on the button band for Molly's Carolyn sweater so I am hoping that she got some good wool vibe and will be well soon. This sweater has been sitting unfinished for way too long--especially since all it needed was the button band. I'll finish casting off this afternoon and then sew up the sides and hope to hell that it still fits Molly.

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