Sunday, June 14, 2009

VT Part 2

Ta Da! Let me be the first to show you the site of the new family summer home.

Okay, if you're going to be so picky about it, it doesn't really belong to the whole family. My sister and her wonderful husband just bought it. There's no house on it (there used to be but it burned down). But there will eventually be one with a nice big porch so you can look out over the pond and , of course, it will have a bedroom for me!

I went up for the night with Sissy for the closing and got to spend the day tootling around Southern VT. We stayed at the Windham Hill Inn which is beyond fabulous! The food was great, the property is beautiful and the rooms are to die for. Click the link and take a look.

I'll wait here till you get back.

So, was I right. It's gorgeous. Actually it's even more gorgeous than the website if you can believe it. And it's right down the hill from the property. Katia, Bonnie, Dan and Jared were wonderful hosts. Jared even charmed the snake back into his hiding space so that my sister could have breakfast.

Of course, it poured rain all the way home so I had a bear of a ride. I am pretty proud of myself that I managed to stay the hell out of Webs although it was very, very tempting to pop in. Anything to get the hell off 91 for a while. But--I'm on a tight budget and am doing my best to keep all my yarn money local.

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