Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Yvonne's Shrug Goes on Vacation

I am home from vacation and positively miserable! I miss the Queen Mary desperately. If only because on the days at sea they had--get this--a knitting group. A knitting group in the champagne lounge. Could life get any better?

I took Yvonne's shrug with me to finish and it visited wonderful places.

We sailed from New York and Yvonne's shrug really enjoyed the view of the Statue of Liberty. It was misty and beautiful. As we entered our beautiful little cabin, here is what Yvonne's shrug and I found.

And this is before the knitting group in the champagne lounge. They just put this out for you as a teaser!

After the first of many amazing meals, we spent a day at sea. Paradise. Nothing to do. No one to worry about. Just lovely people (especially Lorna and Danny) and lovely knitting in a comfy chair on the deck.

It's lovely how many people on a cruise will stop and chat. Many of whom I learned their name but many of whom I just spent a nice few minutes.

Our first stop was Halifax Nova Scotia. Hopped on a bus, drove around town and then headed out to Peggy's Cove.

It's a tiny village (maybe 50 people) that is positively overrun by tourists during the day because it is beyond beautiful. The fog was very thick and romantic while we were there so I just pretended I was Evangeline and enjoyed it. The two people standing just to the left of center on the rock are my sister and brother-in-law.

Also at Peggy's Cove, we saw the most wonderful rock carving. This is just a small piece of it--it extended about 20 feet in each direction. Needless to say, Yvonne's shrug was very impressed.

Stay tuned to find out where Yvonne's shrug went next!

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