Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Adventure Continues

When we last left Yvonne's Shrug, she had just visited Peggy's Cove in beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia.

After a very pretty bus ride, we were given the reward of a delicious lobster lunch. Of course everyone got split up at tables. My mom, the shrug and I sat with LeeAnne and Shirley, high school friends from California. They were both retired now but still traveled together often. Of course now that we had met them, we ran into them every five minutes on the ship!

We got back to the dock too late for a trip up to The Loop (very sad) and set sail for Boston. Now I've been in a major east coast city many times on the Fourth of July and I knew what a madhouse Boston would be. So I took the opportunity to spend another day curled up in a cozy chair and finished up Yvonne's shrug. It's lovely. And I cast on for a mitten.

As darkness fell, we headed up to my favorite deck to watch the fireworks over Boston. Just lovely. It's way too hard to take pictures of fireworks with my little digital so you'll just have to take my word for it.

We set sail at midnight and had another glorious day at sea (along with another little knitting group) before returning home in the morning.

Of course, I was greeted by two happy cats and a really stinky bag of garbage that I forgot to take out before I left. Terrific.


patty said...

Hi Karen
Love the blog! your knitting is great! I am trying this comment thing as a test for my own blogging experience.

Jennifer said...

Really OT for this post - found you from YH's post about the ride - your comment about the "people who parent that aren't the parents" struck a chord with me -- maybe we are "The Village" people (sorry, couldn't resist), you know, the Village that it takes to raise a child? I'm finding that I get to be part of that with a few of the friend's youngsters - it's nice

Jenni in Edmonton, another YH fan!