Friday, January 8, 2010

Hello Bandwagon!

Yes I know that every blogger is doing it but the season (and the year that has passed) has set me in the mindset to join them.

For those of you who were here last year, you may remember the motherless whore of a mood that I was in at the beginning of 2009. 2008 had been a very tough year and there was no end in sight.

And in many ways, 2009 was no better than 2008. But in other ways it was oh so very different. Maybe it was because I let myself be vulnerable which I'm not often good at. Maybe it was because I opened my eyes to see the good things surrounding me. Maybe the moon was in the 7th house and Jupiter aligned with Mars. It doesn't matter to me why it was different I am just delighted that it was.

I discovered this year that I can have a helluva lot of fun with my family even though they bullied me into wearing a sleeveless dress. Props to Mrs. Obama for her fabulous arms. I, on the other hand, don't wave at the beach. But I wore the stupid dress and still had a grand old time.

I discovered this year that my friends still like me even though I sort of dropped off the radar for a while. And if they are truly your friends, you can have a knock down drag out fight on Friday and still be friends on Saturday.

I discovered that although dating in my 40s still sucks, that I still have my sense of humor about it. Remind me to tell you about the guy that I googled. Oh, and there was the one that, after a night out with him that led to just about the worst hang over I've ever had, I was buying buttons at Hartsdale Fabric, opened my knitting bag and found a beautifully cleaned and bleached deer femur. That's a good story! Although I may have shocked the ladies in the store.

I discovered that if you ask for help, people will happily give it to you.

I discovered that you can make really great meals with really cheap food. Buy what is abundant at the time and look to the people and cultures who prepare it the best for guidance. Not only will you be healthier and happier but you will make new friends and learn new things.

I've learned that other people will have drama and issues in their lives and it is up to me to decide which of those are worth helping and which of those are not. If your wounds are self inflicted, please stay away from me. There's enough trouble in the world without creating problems for ourselves and I would rather spend my time holding the hand and stroking the forehead of someone who wants to heal.

I've discovered that it's okay to say that I am a really good knitter and that, as a whole, knitters are really fun. Even Cunard thought it was a good idea to put the knitting group on our cruise in the Veuve Clicot (sp?) champagne lounge. I think that says a lot about how we are currently perceived--as joyful people who know how to celebrate. Or maybe just as tipsy spinsters. Either is fine with me.

And, last but not least, I've discovered that even if someone teases and taunts you for knitting in public (okay--at a bar during a football game), they will be delighted and touched by a hand knit gift.

Thank you 2009 for all of this (and so much more). And welcome 2010. It's a pleasure to meet you and I'm looking forward to seeing where we go together!

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