Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Merry Valentine's Day

I'm trying to get my Christmas 2009 knitting finished before Valentine's Day this year. Not sure if it can be done but I'm going to give it my best shot. Think of it as a qualifier for the Ravelympics.

I did get a lot finished on time this year.

This was done for Joan. It's called Smiling Drops (ravelry link) and I loved knitting it. And--can we talk--it blocked beautifully. Remember the Warehouse Wednesdays sales at Flying Fingers. Well the yarn is from the ridiculous amount of stash that I acquired on those lovely days. It's Southwest Trading Company Optimum. It's been discontinued which is a damn shame because it is just delicious.

And I finished my sister's wrist warmers. I've already complained about the curse on the things I knit for my Sissy so I'll just leave it at that. You can check out the post about them at your own risk.

And I finished Blueberry's sweater. It's Irish Bells from the Winter Interweave Knits. So cute on her!!! And it's almost the exact same color as her eyes. It's a little greener than the photo. I can't believe I finished it on time but it seems that when Dillon from Flying Fingers is on your side, you can accomplish anything.

And I got a lot of my lovely Bro-In-Law's scarf done in time. I had to try it on him. He's very tall yet very deceptive. If you buy him clothes in what you think is the perfect size, it will always be too small for him. I really thought I had about another 6 or 8 inches to do on his scarf but I wanted to wrap it around him before I cast off. Hello Reality! What are you doing here at Sissy's house on Christmas morning? Really Reality? You don't say. I have to knit another two feet (at least) on this scarf. Wow. Thanks for dropping by. The pattern is from the Yarn Harlot and the yarn is my basic go-to Lamb's Pride Worsted in Charcoal. I had a bunch in the stash but had to pick up a little (okay a lot) more to make it long enough. It's all done now and keeping him toasty warm.

And I got one of Bratty Girl's knee socks done but they had to be tried on because I couldn't find a pattern for knee socks with the right gauge for the yarn she picked so I was totally winging it. The shaping came out great but the size needed some tweaking so they got frogged and reknit. I'll post those, with the pattern, when they're both done. Probably by this weekend.

The only two things that didn't make it onto the needles were Granny's scarf and Pop's socks. They're both started now but still have some work to be done.

Oh yeah--all the book club gifts were done too but I'll do those in another post because I had some fun with them.

And maybe someday I'll finish the Christmas knitting from 2008.

P.S. Does anyone else keep tying 20010. I'm having a hard time losing the extra zero.


Rainy Daisy said...

My goodness, you are a knitting machine! Everything looks just beautiful - I am particularly fond of the color of the first lacy scarf :)


Marie-Jolie said...

Oodles of finished projects... woo hoo for you! And beautiful blocking just makes it all the more lovely. :)