Thursday, January 13, 2011

No really--it's all about Christmas

Okay so first I couldn't find which bag I had left my camera in.  Then I couldn't find which bag the charger was in.  Then I found them both and tried to get my act together but that didn't work out well at all!

So let's finish talking about Christmas, shall we?  The day started out with breakfast at the inn.  Which, naturally, was delicious.  The start you out with a little baked treat (it was a cinnamon bun Christmas morning) and a little espresso cup of some sort of fruit smoothie.  And it was a Christmas miracle--a smoothie made without banana!  You see, I am violently allergic to bananas and most smoothies are made with them so I always miss out on it.  Even if they say it's, oh say, a strawberry smoothie, it usually has banana in it to give it body and texture.  And hives.  Big ones!  Emergency room ones.

Coffee, waffles, etc. etc. etc.  Really, everything you could possibly want from breakfast at a beautiful little inn. 

Then off to Sissy's where this was waiting for us.

See all those presents.  Well that's barely half of them.  The pile was HUGE.  And good. 

My best gift that I gave this year was my niece's new purse.  It's made out of actual film from the movie Twilight.  So when you hold it up to the light, you can see all the characters.  It's way cool and was a huge hit!

Gifts, gifts.  Eat, eat. Lounge, lounge.  I lost the bet on what was in the little Lilly Pulitzer bags.  I had guessed makeup bags but they were really lovely pashminas. 

When it got to the point that no one could move, we decided that it was a really good idea to move.  So we grabbed a folding chair, Blueberry grabbed her skates, and we marched up the hill to the pond.

BrattyGirl planted her ass in the chair.

Lucy chased a stick.

Don't you just love her sweater? 

After a sufficient amount of fresh air poisoning it was back to the inn for dinner.  And it was divine.  I had the diver scallops and the duck.  Too die for.  All the desserts looked so good that I just told the waiter to pick the one that he would choose.  It was an assortment of outrageous, orange concoctions.  I swooned. 

By 8 o'clock, we were all snuggled down and settled in for a comfortable evening.  And then the phone rang.  My sister had called to warn me about the blizzard.  Yeah, that blizzard.  Not sure if you remember the last time I drove home from VT in the snow but suffice it to say there was no way I was getting on the Taconic again.  But I had until morning to worry about so I went down to the lobby to fill my ice bucket and have a glass of chardonnay.  And who should I find but Pop.  Or should we call him Samurai Santa.

As you would imagine happening, in a lovely little inn on Christmas night, we met some people.  Really really nice people.  There was a couple from England who were traveling to NYC in a few days and we gave them a list of places, off the beaten path of course, to check out.  There was the couple from NH who, it turned out, were friends of friends.  We got to meet our favorite inn keeper's fiance.  It was heaven.

So all that said, was it Christmas?  No, it wasn't.  It was all brand new.  There were none of our normal traditions.  My dad didn't get to flirt with the pretty little waitress at our local Italian joint on Christmas Eve because we didn't go there.  We didn't have prime rib and mashed potatoes because we ate at the inn. 

Will it be Christmas?  You bet your boots it will.  The funny thing about starting new traditions is that they aren't traditions until you do them twice.

P.S.  Just in case you were worried, I beat the blizzard home by about five minutes.  I missed out on the first day of the Webs sale but I did get to make a little pit stop in Northhampton to pick up a bag that a friend had left at her mother-in-law's house so I did get to drive right by Webs.  I had to keep reminding myself that no matter how much yarn I put in my car, it wasn't going to give my little Mazda any better traction in the snow.

And before I forget.  Here's BadKitten Day 32.  I really like this song and this band.  Enjoy!

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