Thursday, March 10, 2011

Been too long!

Things have just gotten crazy (in a good way this time) and I am finally settling back into some sort of a normal schedule.

I've had a whole lot to tell you all but I'm on the run so I'm going to dump a load of random things into your lap for you to play with.  Kind of like dumping out your mother's jewelry box or your father's tool box when you were a little kid.  

1.  My new job is very cool.  Today I got to drop off a big box of brownies for some hero firefighters.  Sweet!
2.  I felt bad that I had gotten mad at the firefighters for being late for the parade on Sunday but I don't think they actually noticed I was mad so it's not that big a deal.
3.  Dead battery.  Pop. Live battery.  Dead battery.  Nice co-workers.  Live battery.  Dead battery.  Pop's car.  Pop.  Live Battery.  Sam.  New battery (and oil change).  That pretty much sums up yesterday and today.
4.  I swear I'm going to start chart C on my Metamorphosis sweater when I get home.  I swear.
5.  I swear I'm not going to pick up the pretty little thing I started while I was waiting for the printer and play with that instead.  It's knit from Cherry Tree Hill Possum Laceweight in Wild Cherry and it's beautiful.
6.  It's fun to tell people that you are going home to play with your pink possum.  Because it sounds like it's dirty but it's not.
7.  It's also fun to tell them that your pink possum is really fluffy.  Same reason.
8.  Bunch of stressy people at work today.  It's amazing to me how much good an old fashioned pizza lunch can do for the soul. 

Back soon.  With pictures.  And more BadKitten songs. 


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