Friday, October 31, 2008

October Was An Odd Month

So my consulting gig ended. Oye! Now I'm looking for a new job. I must say, the timing couldn't be worse but, I'll plug away until I find something good. I have discovered that I really don't like consulting. I've found that I really like to see results and, as a consultant, you can't really do much more than advise people. You don't get to dig into the meat of things and I much prefer that.

That said, I've gotten lots of knitting done!

I FINALLY finished these socks.

I have absolutely no excuse for them taking so long except for the fact that I made a ton of other things on the in-between. There were at least four pairs of wrist warmers, two pairs of mittens and three baby sweaters. Not to mention the start of a blanket and the beginnings of two other pairs of socks.

One of the baby sweaters and both pairs of mittens were for boy's in-vitro niece/nephew and his extra-vitro niece and nephew. However, he kicked me to the curb like so much of yesterday's trash so I have to mail the mittens to his sister tomorrow. I already gave her the sweater last week (when it seemed like we were happy--boy was I wrong) and the mittens were already done when he dumped me so I washed them today and will send them off tomorrow. Cleaning up the loose ends is the suckiest part of all this crap. I'll post photos of the mittens along with a link to the pattern (because it is fabulous) once they are dry.

In the "could it get any worse" category, I went out the other night and decided that it would be healthy for me to flirt a little. But, I got stuck with Fergus--the bi-sexual Irish immigrant who was into tranny three ways and women with big boobs (not that there's anything wrong with that). I suggested to him that perhaps he didn't want to open with that information but couldn't get rid of the lunatic.

Oh yeah, dating is going to be fun! I'm really looking forward to it.

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