Saturday, December 4, 2010

Really, you're kidding, right.

So I wrote the post the other night and today I sat down at the computer (which has been on since then) and discovered that I never hit Post.  I hit Preview. Sure.  But Post?  That just seemed to be out of the question.

Did any of you ever watch the show "The Young Ones" in the 80s.  It was a British comedy about four guys sharing an apartment.  There was Neil--the hippie, Vivian--the punk, Rick--the people's poet and Mike--the lady's man.  And it was hilarious.

One of my favorite episodes was the one where they FINALLY decide to do their laundry.  And Neil, poor stoned Neil, was putting the laundry in the washer and the washer keeps spitting it out because it is so damn dirty that it refuses to wash it.  Neil, in turn, goes running looking for help from Vivian all the while yelling "Vivian--technofear!". (Earlier in the episode an animated sock refuses to get into the laundry bag saying "I'm not going in that bag--it smells in there" which is kind of funny to me because the post I had written for you was about socks.)

Anyway, now I know how Neil felt.  TECHNOFEAR!

Here's BadKitten for you.  I'll get my act together sometime soon.

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