Saturday, December 11, 2010

Twelve Eleven Ten

Yeah baby!  It's my birthday!  This will have to be a multi-post topic because, so far, it's been fantastic!  The celebrating actually started on Wednesday with lunch at the new Japanese place in Hastings on Hudson with Debby and Jeri.  Deeeelicious! 

Then off to knitting group where there were presents (more about those in the present post).

Then last night a party at Pat's house (of the tomatoes) with delicious treats, delicious wine, delicious friends and, ahem, delicious brownies.
This morning it was off to the Mead House for the Fun with Fiber group where we finished the red velvet cake.  (Did I mention there was red velvet cake?  Really really good red velvet cake!)

From there I took myself up to Flying Fingers to buy myself a birthday gift.

It is so not me--I don't usually go for metallic--but this was outrageously beautiful so I bought it.  And then I realized that, since I got it with the money my cousin gave me for my birthday, I was technically not buying it for myself.  So I get to buy myself another birthday gift!  Woo Hoo!

Tonight it's more time with friends and then family dinner tomorrow.  And if I feel like stopping then, I will.  If not, I will keep on celebrating.

And of course, in celebration of my birthday, here's BadKitten Day 29 (Hey--that's funny--we've all been joking about it being my 29th birthday).

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Gracey is not my name.... said...

Happy Birthday!

And we must live in the same area of the country if that Flying Fingers is the shop with the yarn bus!