Tuesday, June 7, 2011

And she's back!

Sorry I've been gone so long and I'm sorry this is such a random post.  But life gets ahead of you sometimes and you just have to roll with it.

Let's just go to the bullet points.

1.  I don't give a shit if Congressman Weiner tweeted his penis. 
2.  I do give a shit that it's all over the news.  Come on kids.  Knock it off.  It's just a penis.
3.  I've been knitting a lot.  There's a Citron shawlette for Sissy which is going shockingly well considering it's for my sister.  Usually, when I knit for her, it fights with me.  I'm almost done with this and I'm almost certain it's going to burst into flames while I'm casting off.
4.  If you ever hear me bitch about my job, please remind me that I get to test brownies on a regular basis.
5.  I hate the heat.
6.  It's hot (see #5).
7.  I finally got a hair cut.  I know that sounds mundane but it's been a really, really long time.  I was looking like Moses (which is funny because it's true.)
8.  BrattyGirl went to the prom and I managed to keep my mouth shut and not point out just how similar her dress was to her mother's dress from 1982.  Different colors but very, very similar.  BrattyGirl's shoes, on the other hand, were hot, hot, hot!
9.  Blueberry won athlete of the year for the Hudson Valley Special Olympics.  I would ramble on more about it but I get weepy.  I'm ridiculously proud.
10.  I got to work this morning a little bit late and was greeted by four big geese marching their nine goslings down the strip of grass next to the employee entrance.  It tickled me pink.

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