Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dr. Frankenspin

Dr. Frankenspin has created a monster!

Actually, Dr. Frankenspin is the love child of  BadCat and Amputeehee.

A few months back, I won some beautiful fleece from Amputeehee and I promised I would learn how to spin.  Then BadCat, and all the other enablers in my knitting group, decided it was a good idea for us all to have a little spin-a-thon.

Last Sunday we all overtook Margaret's back deck with pot luck and fleece and wheels and spindles and needles and yarn and dogs and cats and--need I say more.

Laurie let me try her wheel. 

A little bit of that yarn was spun by me!  Yipee!

Then BadKitten sat me down with a spindle and got me started.  It's a new process but I've been practicing and it does get easier.  I think I may prefer the wheel to the spindle but, damn it, I'm going to get good at both!

Cara and Dawn both mastered their spindles pretty quickly. 

Don't they remind you of Sleeping Beauty's Fairy Godmothers?  

Shannon brought a friend who is the sister of the woman who cuts my hair so I automatically loved her.  If you ever need a good haircut in Westchester, let me know! 

The dog ran off with BadKitten's black laceweight yarn but, after the initial shock, both she and the yarn recovered.  Although she was a bit camera shy.

Please note the gorgeous cobwebby fabric she's making.  It's totally cool and gorgeous.  I think I may have to start calling her CoolKitten.

In other news, I'm going to redesign the blog soon.  I've never been much of a brown person so I think we need a new look.  Suggestions are welcome!


Jeri said...

A redesign would look marvelous with a shot of your knitting in the background...or kittens.

Nancy G said...

Or kittens knitting in the background?