Friday, July 22, 2011

A Random Day

1.  I'm not going to talk about the heat.  I'm not.  Because that would make it even hotter.

2.  We are currently under construction here at Chez Y.O.  The kitchen is finally getting scraped and painted and I am beside myself I'm so excited.  The rest of the house is chaos because of it but soon--very soon--it will no longer look like Pompeii.

3.  I finished the first of two Citron's--FINALLY--but that's another blog post.

4.  Have you ever eaten at The White Dog Cafe?  You should.  I had an amazing dinner their the other night with an amazing group of people.  They had us all set up at a big round table and I felt like I was at someone's house for a fabulous dinner party.  The lamb ragout is outstanding. 

5.  There's a kitten in my house.  She's hiding right now (see number 2) but is getting friendlier and friendlier every day.  As soon as she sits still for long enough, I'll get a photo.

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