Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Other Side

Thank you all for your kindness.  Funny--I had actually made it through most of the day and was surprised at how calm I was.  Amazing how your emotions can sneak up on you.

Today I am fine.  I think because I am lucky enough to be surrounded by really interesting, kind, warm and inspiring people.

So here's the plan for the rest of the week.  Up early (very very early), lovely morning knitting (I'll post some pictures tomorrow), good things at work (although a few people are annoying the crap out of me this week), good food at home (my Brian takes good care of me) and (hopefully) getting the damn house clean.

My challenge to you this week--be happy.  Be intentionally happy.  Decide that you are going to be happy and do whatever it takes to do it.  Even if it is just for a minute or an hour.  Embrace it.  Because, you know what, if you know how to be happy, I believe that you will be better at being unhappy when the time comes. 

1 comment:

Diane said...

Intentionally happy?

Like for one moment in time give up being "unhappy"?

O.K., I'll try it. (where was this concept last week when i gave up cookies for Lent...?)