Thursday, March 29, 2012

If I Win The Lottery

I realized tonight that if  I win the lottery tomorrow night (which I am sure will happen) my federal government and my state government will make a lot of un-budgeted tax income.  The jackpot is based on how many people play the lottery so there's no way any government agency could budget for it.

That means that, basically, the tax income to the state and federal government is free money.  And, if I win, I would really love to have a say in where those taxes go. 

So here's what I want.  I want my tax money from my lottery windfall to pay for a fund that provides supplemental income to the working poor to bring their wages up to a living wage.  Right now, in Westchester County, the living wage is $11.45 per hour.  Anyone who makes less than that could apply for a weekly supplement.  I would have some requirements about the business (for example, you would have to work for a business that couldn't afford to pay a living wage) so that this would be both a benefit to the employee and to businesses.

I know that this isn't completely thought out but, off the top of my head, it seems like an interesting idea.

If you win the lottery, what do you want to have happen with the tax money that you pay?

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