Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Day for Checking In

Jinkies this has been a crazy few days. Life in the Y.O is okay (not great today--just okay) but I just wanted to do a quick check in.

  • I've been up to my eyes trying to get the Annual Report done at work and it has not been an easy task--especially since my boss decided to rewrite the whole damn thing Saturday morning. But we're almost done. Just need to finish proofreading and it can go off to the printer on time.
  • On the vanity page of the magazine of my life, I finally got a haircut! It took forever but it looks really nice. Now we just have to finish fixing the color and I'll be good to go.
  • On the Boy front, I am still heartbroken. Although my Fatal Attraction feelings have passed (they really didn't last long), I am still terribly sad. It's awful to have someone lie to you over and over and then refuse to talk to you about it. I think I've finally slowed down on my crying but I can't be sure of that yet.
  • Does anyone have some good ideas for birthday presents for 10-year-old triplets (2 girls and a boy). I have no ideas. They may just get cash. Or underwear.
  • I'll post some finished knitting tomorrow (I finished Dylan's sweater) and some photos of the beautiful treats I bought myself at the sale at Katonah Yarn. Got some sweet stuff.
Even though it's lousy out, I may head down to the Y.O. waterfront tonight and treat myself nice. I could use a little pampering.

P.S. If you haven't seen the move Once, run out and rent it right away. It's wonderful. Although the song about the lies sent me over the edge. But I survived.

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