Friday, September 19, 2008

A Good Day For Ripping Back

I decided that I didn't like my Spring Forward socks. It's not that I don't like the pattern. I do. I love it. And I love the yarn. But together--they're just not working for me. So I'm ripping back and coming up with a new plan for both.

It seems like a good metaphor for life these days. Ripping back and exploring and trying to figure out what went wrong. As in knitting, sometimes, you rip back to a spot where you can fix it. Other times you just rip the whole thing out and try something new with it. Other times, you don't even bother ripping back. You just toss the whole thing in the trash because you hate it all. Between my fractured relationship and my consulting gig ending--I have to say I'm appreciating the zen of ripping out knitting and trying to figure out how to do that in the rest of my life.

So here are the poor little socks before I pull them off the needles.

I think I may just go for plain socks and enjoy the colors in this yarn. Or maybe not. We'll see where all the ripping takes me.

On the other hand, I did finish baby Dylan's sweater and sent it off to him. Again with the favorite baby sweater but I just love making it. It just works out perfect every time!

Yes those are adorable little Peter Rabbit buttons on it. I don't know why the picture came out so blue. I swear it is white (and my bedspread is white!). When you were a kid, did you have summer and winter bedspreads? We always did and I never quite understood it because we didn't sleep under the bedspread so the winter one wasn't going to keep us any warmer. And we had plenty of heat in the Y.O. so it just didn't make sense to me. But I digress.

In other knitting news, we started a little knitting group at the Hastings Farmers Market. We meet at 10 on the grass next to the knife sharpener. It was only two of us last week but it was the first week and I think we'll grow. Of course I have to be late tomorrow because I have to go to the dentist (who is a huge Met's fun so I am sure quite happy right now) so I'll get there as soon as I can. Gotta love a dentist with Saturday morning hours!

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