Friday, January 9, 2009

Christmas Continues

Okay so I still have a few pieces of Christmas knitting that need to be finished. But the only one with a deadline was my gifts for my book club friends. This year, we'll be keeping everyone cozy and warm with my standard wrist warmers. I LOVE this pattern. I've made piles and piles of them. They go really quickly, you can work on them anywhere and everywhere--they're much more discreet than a big pieces of lace--and they keep your hands toasty.

These are all done in Lamb's Pride Worsted. There's a Raspberry pair, a White Frost pair, a Misty Blue pair, a Clematis pair and a Charcoal pair. The photo above is a little bit dark but the colors are really fun. I'm going to wrap them all up and let everyone grab bag for their color (trading is welcomed and encouraged).

I love my book club. There are only six of us and we have a wonderful time. Everyone in the group knew someone but no one knew everyone so it was a great way to meet new people and make new friends. The other upside is that we are sure to see each other once a month so the relationships are fun, easy going and unstressed by trying to schedule time to see each other. I truly love it and am grateful to have these amazing women in my life. We've had the occasional male visitor--a husband or friend stopping by--but we have a girls only policy. It sort of reminds me of my Mom and her friends playing Mah Johng when I was a kid. No guys around, no need to behave and lots of interesting conversation. It rocks. Especially when we argue (which we have been known to do).

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