Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hoppin' John

It's New Year's Day and I am making Hoppin' John! Black eyed peas, onions, ham hocks, green peppers--all sorts of good things. And, most importantly, it's supposed to bring you good luck for the year if you eat it on New Year's Day. So I am living on superstitions right now and hoping for the best.

I'm not in a much better mood than I was yesterday so I have spent the afternoon licking my wounds and knitting.

I still have some items left to finish from Christmas. One is my sister's Hey Teach sweater. I finished as much as I could before I needed to try it on her for size. I'm glad I didn't finish it because I need to add at least four more inches to make it fall right on her (she's very tall). I've gone from the eight inches below the bust in the pattern to 14 inches to get it right.

I am also trying to finish Granny's Christmas scarf. I love the wool from Three Irish Girls. Their colorways are so beautiful. I found this pattern for free on their website and it is a fun knit. I'm using a beautiful merino and silk blend that I bought at Rhinebeck. It's so soft it's like knitting a cloud.

Also trying to finish the wrist warmers for book club. I have three pairs done--two to go. I love this pattern. It's so easy, so fast and so cozy. I'll post a photo when the whole pile of them is done.

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