Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Yes, I Cried at the End of Ice Castles

I just sent Robby Benson an email. Yes--that Robby Benson. It's a long story which I'll explain if he emails me back. Until then--he gets no props from me. I am hoping that he emails me back on the third of June (another sleepy dusty delta day) because I'll do anything for an Ode to Billy Joe reference.


There actually has been some knitting going on around here. I knocked out a baby sweater but quick. This is my favorite pattern. A friend of mine gave it to me in 1993 and the copy that I had got so tattered and torn that I finally typed it up about 10 years ago. I believe I've made dozens of these and every mom I have ever given one to has called me a few months later to tell me that it is absolute perfection in a baby sweater.

Thanks to the world wide web, I recently was able to track the pattern down to an out-of-print Pattons book that some kind person somewhere in the U.S. sold to me on eBay. I swear to you, this is the best baby sweater ever and if Robby Benson has a baby any time soon, I will happily make one for him.

I don't particularly care for colors that are too "precious" on a baby. They're skin is so delicate and translucent that it makes me want to wrap them in much more grown up colors. For this new baby I picked a sweatshirt gray that I had in my stash. It's plassard merinos and I really like the stitch definition it gives. (This picture is the one with the truest color).

I do, however, need someone to explain to me why I had 36 (yes I counted them) ends to weave in on a cute little tiny sweater.

But then I found these cute cute cute buttons. Found them at Hartsdale Fabric and bought two cards but then when it was time to sew them on, one of the cards was gone. Had to schlep back up Central Avenue and buy another card.

I believe that Billy Joe McAllister may have thrown the second card off the Talahassee Bridge.

P.S. I still think Robby Benson is hot.

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Permission to Unwind said...

I think a practical and sweet baby sweater pattern is essential.. that one's a keeper. And I agree about the grown-up colors; Mint green and yellow have never done a thing for me.