Sunday, August 22, 2010

Granny and Pop are Cool!

Do you remember that song from the album Cheap Trick at Budokon that had the line "when I woke up mom and dad were rolling on the couch"?

I do, because I never understood why that was shocking. My parents were totally cool. In so many ways. Now don't get me wrong--they weren't hippies. They weren't all free love. They didn't smoke pot or swing but--damn--they were fun.

You see my Mom is really, really smart. Yes she's book smart but she's also street smart. Which is somewhat surprising because she doesn't come from a world that valued street smart.

And my Dad is funny. Really, really funny. In a great Jackie Mason, Shecky Green (sp?) kind of way--my dad will always crack you up.

But it get's cooler. My parents met in the early 1960s and, by anyone's rules of the time, they should never have fallen in love. My mom was a deb. My dad was a carnie. And they were both straight up gorgeous. And they found each other and totally busted the curve!

By the time I met them, my dad had become a NYC cop and my mom was a housewife.

I'm bringing this up because I'm always amazed at how things come together.

Remember when I was crocheting the other day (scroll down on the blog posts if you didn't read it--it's the curious one).

I had a minor interpretation question on the pattern so I dropped a note to the designer. And she was so lovely. And we started chatting. And her street address was on her email. And it was right down the block from Pop's station house and, don't you know it, my parents were old friends of her husband's.

Really? I'm crocheting a sun hat and find a person that my folks have known for 30 years?

I love this yarn thing. It really does bring us all together.