Monday, August 23, 2010


I am lazy! Sometimes I watch the shows Hoarders or Clean House and realize that it would be totally humiliating for any of them to come to my house because I would just have to admit that I'm not really a bad housekeeper, I'm just lazy.

Clean the bathroom vs. turn a heel. The heel will get done.

Wash the dishes or watch that episode of Law & Order that I have seen 8000 times--L&O it is.

It's a funny thing about living alone. Yes--on the upside, you don't have to deal with anyone else's crap. On the downside, you have no obligation to keep the house clean for anyone but yourself.

And I find that I weigh the value of a vacuumed rug or a shiny tub against spending time with friends, family and knitting (not to mention Chris Meloni on L&O SVU) and I'm always going to take the latter.

So my confession is done. Mea culpa mea cupla--I suck at tidying up.

Unless it involves yarn.

Right now I have a beautiful wooden box full of a boat load of different Brown Sheep yarns. They are a go-to favorite for me so they get their own box. I actually vacuumed the 18 x 24 spot on the living room rug today so the box would have a nice, tidy place to sit.

There is a lovely, Heidi-esque (not Fleis--get your minds out of the gutter--I'm talking about the blond with the grandfather) basket full of all the options for SummerSwatchMe.

And there's another really pretty green and tan woven basket full of sock yarn.

I would post some pictures but I'm too damn lazy to get up and get the camera.

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Gracey is not my name.... said...

So with you there..I do live with the Hubs...and we both are guilty...oh and I watch the Hoarding shows to remind myself NOT to get that bad...