Friday, August 21, 2009

I Have More Time Than I Thought I Did

I realized this morning that, although my friend is leaving the Y.O. on Monday, her Dad is leaving on Thursday to spend two weeks with her. I'll tell you why once I finish the gift and can show it to you.

So, it seems I have a moment to blog today. First of all, I finished a few things. This is for book club Christmas gifts. I'm doing something fun this year. I need five gifts altogether and I have three done so far. However, that is a topic for another blog post when they are all done. I just really really loved this. It's a lot of fun to knit. I did it on size 15 needles (had to use a circular for my cable needle) so it flew by.

It's the Chunky Cabled Scarf (I did the ribbing with 11s) in Freedom Wool from Twilley's of Stamford. The color didn't come up well in the photo but it's a really pretty teal blue (it looks a little grayer than it actually is). I got it at one of the Warehouse Wednesday sales at Flying Fingers.

I also haven't shown you my Sock Summit socks yet. Here they are, folded up on my kitchen table.

It's the Sunday Swing sock. What a wonderful pattern. It may be my new basic sock. It has just enough detail to keep you interested but is simple enough to do it anywhere, anytime! And Kristel Nyberg is a doll. I emailed her about a typo in the pattern and we had a very nice email exchange. It's a pity her blog is only in Finnish! (P.S. The typo was not a big deal but I'm the type of person who will very gently and discreetly tell you if you have spinach in your teeth. I believe it is much more embarrassing to walk around like that than to have someone kindly tell you about it.) Anyway, as I said, she seems to be a lovely woman and I am really looking forward to playing with some more of her patterns.

As much as I loved the pattern, I was somewhat disappointed with this yarn. I don't usually like to work in really dark yarns but this was so pretty that I made an exception. It felt great in my hands and has a beautiful drape. BUT--There were at least three really weak spots in it and the plying was somewhat inconsistent. I had to break the yarn at the weak spots which I really hate to do on socks. I'm going to email the manufacturer (see above about spinach) because the yarn really has a great reputation.

Last but not least, I had to wash all the linens for the pullout couch the other day because there was a distinct possibility that my friend was going to be staying here. The pullout hasn't been used in years so I was pretty certain that it needed some refreshing. Babycat--my oldest, insane, deaf cat--loved having this pullout open and she was the best helper while I was making the bed.

I leave you with catlump.

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Joy Yagid said...

what's with cats and beds - mine tears into the bedroom when I change the sheets and jumps over and under the ones I'm putting on.