Sunday, August 16, 2009

Week One is Done!

So we have made it through the first week of having no elevator in my apartment building. Really, it hasn't been that bad. I live on the third floor and it's only two flights of stairs so I can't complain. Frankly, it's been faster than taking the elevator! It's also good exercise. It's funny that such a little thing can make such a difference but I can already feel it in my legs. It is a bit of a pain to do laundry or bring in groceries because you have to walk all the way around the building to get to the basement but, que sera sera.

It's just the thought of it. Maybe any time we feel like we are denied something (like my elevator), we want it back--no questions asked.

Speaking of wanting something back, I FINALLY found my camera. God knows how but it had worked its way under the bedspread and it was all the way down at the foot of the bed. Odd but, hey, at least I found it. It also meant that I could take all the garbage out. I'm always scared that something feel in the trash so I don't put it down the chute until I find whatever is lost.

So I can show you something that I finished. It took forever because I just couldn't find buttons that I liked. But here it is in all its glory.

It's Molly's Carolyn sweater. It started out as Susie's Carolyn but then I realized it would fit her so I just switched the name of it and made it for Molly instead. The photo is a little bit redder than the actual sweater. It's a very cool, dusty pink and purple and the buttons are mother of pearl (or maybe abalone) and they pick up the colors beautifully.

It will fit her for a while and when she outgrows it, I'll give it to someone else and make her another one. It really looks great on her!

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