Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Victory! (Sort of)

Technically I knit two socks between the opening of Sock Summit registration and the close of the luminary panel. The "sort of" part of the title is the fact that I only have one and a half finished socks. Honestly, I could have finished the second sock but on Sunday afternoon I popped down to the pool and found my cousins and their babies visiting. So that took some time. Then my friend Bob had one of his oldest friends visiting and I was intrigued by her. Have you ever met someone and been completely unsure of whether or not you like them. It's an odd sensation to have absolutely zero first impression of someone. Thus the intrigue. As it turns out, she is lovely and fun and I hope she'll visit again soon. But again--that took some time.

Then my old friend Gloria called and she was in town! Hurray! So off I went to Blu in Hastings for wine and treats. We had their crabcakes (which were okay) and the most amazing duck confit, fig, bleu cheese and parmesan pizza. Holy crap! It was amazing. Duck confit is my favorite food in the whole world followed closely by figs, bleu cheese and parmesan. I was in heaven.

And then what do you think happened today? FedEx rang my buzzer. Hmm--I haven't ordered anything lately. My oh my what could this be.

You geussed it! Gloria sent me a gorgeous can of duck confit which will be seared and served with a pan roasted potato, onion and bleu cheese gratin. I can't wait.

I've been in such a funk lately and it is amazing what a surprise gift can do to you. I was both moved and touched and actually shed a few tears over how lucky I am to have a friend like her.

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