Wednesday, June 2, 2010

This Is No Place For James Blunt

Just got off the phone with New Boy. He's cleaning his house and really not having a good time. I helped him with it the other day. And, honestly, he has a lot less to do than he thinks he does, but still--it seems daunting.

Anyway, dude had an attitude. Clearly, cleaning the house is not his happy place.

Now if you know me in person, you will know that I can often be the peacemaker (I know that may come as a surprise to some of you but it is true). So I said "Don't worry honey--the house will be clean soon". Yeah right. That went over well.

So instead, I ripped him a copy of my Attitunes playlist. You know those songs that you play when you're really pissed off and you just want to rip the shit out of anyone who looks you in the eye.

And in the spirit of creating a more peaceful world through music, I am sharing the playlist with you.

1. World Shut Your Mouth--Julian Cope (All things begin and end with the Eighties--big hair, oh how I miss you)
2. Cowboy--Kid Rock (I love him long time)
3. Rock and Roll All Night--Kiss (You can sing it really loud)
4. All Revved Up With No Place to Go--Meatloaf (see the Kiss note--also the best concert I've ever been to)
5. Since You've Been Gone--Rainbow (nuff said--it's bad enough that I actually have this song on my iPod)
6. Blitzkrieg Bop--The Ramones (I used to cook breakfast for them)
7. Poison--Alice Cooper (I know a few people who should have had this as their wedding song)
8. Whipping Post--The Allman Brothers (The Brethren always make me want to drink moonshine and divorce Cher)
9. Lust for Life--Iggy Pop (I have a funny story about this song. Remind me tell it to you one day)
10. Hard to Handle--The Black Crowes (I have a thing for skinny white guys)
11. Precious--The Pretenders (Sing this at Karaoke, drop the mike and then walk out without paying your bill)
12. Clampdown--The Clash (Another long story involving Pink Floyd "The Wall", allergy shots, Kurtis Blow and Lou O'Neill Jr.)

P.S. The first person in the comments who can tell me who Lou O'Neill Jr. is gets my turkey gravy recipe.

P.P.S. And for anyone who cares, Robby Benson has not emailed me back yet. I may send him a copy of this CD.


Permission to Unwind said...

A very enlightening post, Karen! :) I will have to see what I've missed in recent blog posts, though, to find out who this New Boy is and why he's cleaning house.

Anonymous said...

Lou O'Neill Jr. - rock columnist, wrote for Circus Magazine among others

Do I have to actually cook a turkey to make turkey gravy?


Permission to Unwind said...

How's the sock coming along? I'm looking forward to pictures!