Thursday, June 24, 2010

What Goes Around, etc.

Last week I got a message on Ravelry from a very nice woman in Massachusetts who wanted to buy some of the purple Optimum DK that I have in my stash. You see, she's working on a project and has run out of yarn (damn).

Here's the problem--I already have plans for mine and I am so in love with that yarn that I couldn't stand the idea of parting with any of it.

But guess what? Last week I was in Flying Fingers for Warehouse Wednesday. Now technically, I was supposed to be there to just pick up some yarn that they had set aside for me to make some baby gifts for my Mom (to give--no she's not having any more kids) but I couldn't resist digging around a little bit. And they had a big box of the Optimum with a bunch of the purple.

So as quick as you can say "it's really freaking hot in Yonkers today", I shot an email off to Elise and Dillon. And don't you know, my beloved Dillon found the two balls that I needed.

Here's where it gets fun! I was up early and planning to be at FF by 9 am but then I decided to give myself a nice hour of quiet knitting time (Summer Swatch Me--I'm in love). Then at 10 am, the first episode of the new season of Top Chef was on and I had missed it the week before so I decided to watch that and then head up (love that show--hot bald guys are on the list of "my type").

Okay, now it was time to go. A quick shower and then into the car with my iPod and off to Tarrytown. (I love that podcast--really good books in 15 minute blocks. Check it out.)

So I walk into the shop and it is as lively as ever. Elise is back from Ohio. Tina's teaching a class in the back. Diana pops in wearing a gorgeous blue sundress. There's a really nice lady with an adorable baby digging in the sale boxes.

And there are two women just getting ready to pay. One of them turns around, looks at me and says "I know you". Which happens to me a lot. I have one of those faces. But she does look a little familiar.

So I say, "Well, I'm from Yonkers." And she says, "Yeah, I know that".

And I say, "My name is Karen." And she says, "Yeah, I know that too".

And then she says, "Oh my God, we were in knitting group in the Veuve Cliquot champagne lounge on the Queen Mary II together last summer."

And I say, "Oh my God, Rosanne, how on earth are you?"

And we hug. And everyone's looking at us. And Elise is grinning and shaking her head because stuff like this happens all the time at Flying Fingers.

And Rosanne and I catch up on the year which has been crazy for both of us.

And then, she gives me just the piece of advice that I have been waiting for but just couldn't seem to find.

So because I decided to be nice to a total stranger from Cambridge, and then be kind to myself and give myself a quiet morning, and because Dillon and Elise are so nice to me I ended up standing in just the spot to find just the person who would tell me just what I needed to hear (which was good--nothing to worry about).

Honestly, I really need to pay more attention to just how wonderful the world I live in is and stop worrying about things I have no control over. Yes, there is misery in the world but I don't need to contribute to it. I would much rather keep having mornings like yesterday's and both see the kindness in the world and contribute to it.

I like to think that with enough of that, the misery might just give up and leave.


Jeri said...

I'm glad you are in my world!
Thanks for all of your marvelous stories...and your fab article in the Enterprise where your knowledge of knitting history was displayed! Knit on!

Permission to Unwind said...

Well, how great is that! I'm in love with that story... it's so wonderful when things align perfectly like that. :)