Friday, November 5, 2010

Cocktail Party in a Box

I have the absolute pleasure of picking up wedding guests at the airport tonight.  The wedding is tomorrow and it's going to be wonderful so I am just delighted to be able to help people get there.  Of course, there will be some celebrating going on at the hotel tonight so I thought it would be a good idea to start the party in the car as soon as they arrive.

I give you, Cocktail Party in a Box!

 A nice tupperware, cheddar, crackers, grapes, a little shrimp cocktail, some sparkling cider and a CD of good cocktail party music and voila!  It's a party!

Of course airlines are unpredictable so I'll also have my knitting bag in case I have to wait.  Although I do love the online flight status check thingy that all the airlines have now.  You can actually look at the map and see where the plane is.  Tres cool.

But wait, before I go galavanting around, here's BadKitten Day 17. 

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